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Have you ever thought why there are some people in your team who just rub you up the wrong way and you feel this reduces your performance?

You may thoroughly analyse the situation and you just can't put your finger on it. The chances are your unconscious mind is picking up on a personality difference.

Meredith Belbin specialised in the building of high performance teams and his research coined the phrase Apollo Syndrome. This refers to the situation where you have intelligent and capable individuals in a team, however because they are all jockeying to have their world view dominate, effectively nothing gets done.

Belbin found that individuals who were far less capable, but would appreciate differences within the team performed much better. These team players would recognise they could learn from others and quickly move to the fulfillment of outcomes working to each other's strengths. Team players also benefited because as a result of listening and cooperating they developed their own personal skills too.

What would it be like if you could see clearly at the outset that "difficult" colleagues simply see the world differently to you and consequently have different beliefs concerning how your joint outcome can best be achieved?

What many people experience when armed with such information is a vision of themselves with much greater internal control over emotions, and therefore also their thinking, behaviour and language. Rather than reacting to other team members they find themselves proactively and elegantly taking the lead. When other people get upset, they recognize this is to do with their limitations. What this does is keep you relaxed and focused and in the best emotional state to use your skills to coach your colleague.

If you have 10 minutes why don't you take the Achieving Lives team profiler which has been designed to develop personal awareness of how other people in your team probably view YOU.

The questionnaire is totally confidential and has excellent face validity. You will receive your profile back instantaneously with many professional tips and insights.

When you receive your profile you will be able to notice aspects of your personality which will explain why you get some of the responses you do from other people. There are also tips for improved communication with people who see the world differently to you. With this new awareness it is then up to you to either change or remain the same. This is always the intention of developing self awareness to provide YOU with more choice so you can increase the level of control you have. When you have more control you then have more opportunity!

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