Liz Bacon. Senior Consultant. Cancer Research UK.

"I wanted to thank you for running the course and for supporting me so well throughout. I achieved what I wanted from the programme and have gone away with an armoury of new and fabulously useful techniques. I have also got a lot of personal food for thought."

Dr Ho Law. Chartered Psychologist. M.D. Empsy Ltd.

"One thing impressed me most was your total commitment to the essence of NLP. You reflected this in the exercises to ensure that participants could understand NLP at a deep level and made it useful to their everyday practice. Well done, Bruce!"

Dave Park. Head Of Support Services. Capita.

"I decided to attend the Achieving Lives NLP Practitioner course as I wanted to achieve more in my profession as an IT Manager for a leading business outsourcing company.
The course has provided me with the necessary skills to be more effective in the way I communicate with my management team, key stakeholders and customers alike. By using some of the basic techniques that NLP provides you with, such as framing, anchoring, perceptual positioning and well informed outcomes, I soon found that I was achieving many more positive outcomes with my every day interactions with people. Having the ability to recognise a persons communication style can indeed be a very powerful aid to achieving your objectives as a Manager
Being able to attend the course at weekends over the course of four months, meant it didn't impact my busy work schedule, which my boss was certainly pleased about. The course was well structured and give me the opportunity to try out the techniques we covered during each module before moving on to the next. This is something that wouldn't have been possible had the 8 days been back to back. Both Bruce and Dave made the course both enjoyable and informative, providing answers to the many questions posed by myself and the other delegates. The pace and the content of the course were excellent and most important of all it provided me with the skills and confidence to go out and use my newly acquired NLP skills.
After attending the course I definitely feel I have achieved my goal of becoming a more effective Manager. I would even go as far and say that my NLP skills assisted me in securing a new position within one of the UK's leading Banks. I'd certainly recommend the course to anyone who wants to improve their effectiveness in the work place, increase their self confidence, reduce their stress levels or simply lead a more fulfilling life."

Cecilia Maria Meijer. Sales Executive. DOCS International Recruitment.

"My experience with signing up for the NLP course with Bruce's Achieving Lives program has been an enrichment in my personal as well as professional life. The course is academically sound and Bruce's fervour in transmitting his understanding is catching. It is my believe that participants are in for a better bargain than one originally expects due to Bruce's holistic approach towards NLP. Again, thank you Bruce for having made this experience possible."

Sue Stafford. Professional Coach.

"Achieving Lives responded well to the needs of the individual group members. Bruce has an amazing knowledge of both NLP and psychology which brought the subject matter to life and gave it a natural "grounding". Dave shared his views in a way which built on Bruce's information and served to show how individuals will use NLP within the framework of their existing knowledge. The whole course was enjoyable, enlightening and rewarding and delivered in a very personable way."

Mark Gradley. Senior Manager.

"Thank you for giving me the tools and insight to start a journey I should have taken many years ago."

Lindsey Benton. Director Foy and Benton.

"The relevance of the workshop was exactly what I hoped for; it was most definitely useful in an organizational context. Very much for me a learning culture was produced and I would recommend this workshop to a friend for sure!"

Alison Clayton-Smith. Consultant And Coach. Connect Performance Consulting.

"Thank you for a really thought provoking and practical course. I really valued your enthusiasm, depth of knowledge, support and integrity. I look forward to further development with you".

Dianna McCann. Psychologist.

"Thank you for the opportunity to watch an expert at work. I valued your integrity in the way you worked with us"

Clare Taylor. Youth Justice Key Worker.

"This NLP course has opened up my eyes to the possibilities that my life has. I now have the tools / techniques to apply to myself to create the things I want to achieve. I have to thank Bruce for creating a safe learning environment, always being supportive."

Maria Medlicott. B.A. M.Sc. BACP Accredited Counsellor.

"Thank-you for the experience. Over the past 4 months I have got a much clearer idea of NLP and its usefulness and am very keen to develop my skills and in the first instance improve my life. It is evident to me you have given 100% and work with such exquisite attention to detail I feel thoroughly coached as well as taught."

Organisation needing to remain anonymous & in association with Skills 24

“The course was conducted well by Dr Bruce Grimley. The NLP training course was highly useful and provided personnel many lessons to take forward into future debriefs.. The skills learned will almost certainly improve the debriefing capability of each person on the course.”

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