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Achieving Lives Ltd was established in 1995. It's vision is that each person who connects with Achieving Lives learns to manage their own mind and body so as to consistently be in a state of Flow, Achieving their goals. Chartered Psychologist and Master Executive Coach Bruce Grimley who started the company believes that even though Achieving your goal may sometimes be tough, it should always be fun, exciting, challenging and put you into the emotional state that psychologists call a state of Flow. A state of Flow is when we find something that is so meaningful to us we immerse ourselves in it.....to such an extent we get lost in it. When we get lost in something meaningful to us we do not have enough attention to attend to our identity, indeed we discover our identity through our Achievements and the meaning that brings to our lives. Below is a quote from a Figure Skater describing such an experience.

Ice Skater in a State of Flow.

"It was just one of those programs that clicked. I mean everything went right, everything felt good.....it's just such a rush, like you feel it could go on and on and on, like you don't want it to stop because it is going so well. It's almost as though you don't have to think, it's like everything goes automatically without thinking ....it's like you are on automatic pilot, so you don't have any thoughts. You hear music but you are not aware of hearing it because it's a part of it all". (Susan Jackson 1996)

When you work with Bruce Grimley you might be surprised to find out you actually do not know what is sufficiently meaningful to you so as to warrant your complete immersion. This is the start of your Journey, the question "What do you want?" emerges from the question "Who are you?".

Bruce has found the reason many people cannot achieve the wonderful state of flow is they do not know who they are and consequently they do not know what they want. When you work with Bruce as your coach you will discover who you are and precisely what your immense capability is making life meaningful and putting you into your unique experience of Flow.

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