Associate Work

Bruce works as a sole trader. However sometimes other companies need assistance in fulfilling some of the work they offer clients in delivering training, coaching or counselling contracts. Please feel free to contact me if you think I can be of assistance in working with your company to deliver to the highest standard. Below are some of the words recent companies have provided in such joint partnerships.

"Highest quality of demonstrations - riveting.. I liked the facilitation style which was direct, sometimes high risk, but always authentic and about providing helpful change. The surveys were a great success. Your commitment Bruce, (Handout / Book / email follow-up) can't be doubted and was valued. The level of engagement of the group at the end of Day 2 was exceptionally high" 9th May 2016

"I wish to express our appreciation for your effort,effectiveness and resilience over the past year. ASK  would also like to thank you for your feedback and honesty on the programme structure. I think it can truly be said that you have improved the lives of Londoners through your efforts." 4th July 2016.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Bruce over many years. His professionalism and commitment to the projects he undertakes is second to none. He brings academic rigour to anything he undertakes but this is always coupled with fun and good humour. His input is always highly valued. I can not recommend Bruce highly enough." 21st November 2016

I am delighted to be working as an Associate with the Coach House Hub. A local Cambridgeshire Initiative to bring the highest level consultancy, coaching, training and healthcare to rural areas. Please click on the picture to visit their website

Please feel free to click here to arrange a free Zoom session with Bruce to discuss any work you would like to do »

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