Personality Profile


1. Thank you for taking this profiling questionnaire. Please fill in the boxes at the top of the questionnaire. Your email address is particularly important so I can return your profile.

2. Your personal profile and tips on how to improve your personal effectiveness will be returned to you in pdf format straight away.

3. Don't spend too long on each question. The questionnaire will take between 10-15 minutes to complete.

4. The purpose of the 4 cells which are on the "agree" side being Red and the 4 cells which are on the "disagree" side being blue is to help you understand more easily whether you are agreeing or disagreeing with the question. Please do not be distracted by the colours, just select the number which represents your choice.

5. The nearer the centre you score, (4 or 5), the more undecided you are whether you agree or disagree.

6. You may believe you both agree and disagree depending on the circumstances but try to answer according to your preference. One way of doing this is by imagining how somebody else would be rating you. Another way is to imagine you never had any training of any kind what type of person would you be?

7. Even though it is true in some contexts we would answer one way and in other contexts we would not answer that way, it is also true that we have a natural preference. For example a right handed person uses his/her left hand to hold their fork, or change gear in a manual car, however they know they have a preference for using their right hand generally speaking.

8. Your response set will be kept strictly in confidence and not passed on to any 3rd party. You can always have access to your response set and your report.

9. When you have finished the first set of questions on the first page click the next button at the bottom to go to the next set of questions. All together there are 72 questions.

10. Only take the questionnaire if you are serious about developing yourself. Put aside 30 minutes one day to relax and find out more about yourself and break free from the beliefs which limit you..ENJOY.