There are many ways to communicate useful information. Training is one, video is another, and workbooks yet another. One way I love to communicate is to write up academically and make use of the peer review process. You can see what I have been up to in this area since 2000 by clicking here.
One way of developing myself professionally and to provide my readership with the priviledge of multiple perspectives is to Co-Author. Recently I have had the honour of writing with and modelling these wonderful people:

Professor Katherine Dormandy

You can see what Katherine gets up to by visiting her webpage. Katherine and I have written on Science Fundamentalism, with a particular attention to Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Science Fundamentalism is an idea of Katherine's which describes how academics have a tendency to criticise other writings and whilst doing so forgetting about the principles of science and thus becoming very unscientific themselves. She believes there are many reasons for this with groupthink and other cognitive biases being at the forefront. We have also written about the psychology of multiplicity, using the 7Cs model as a way of bringing the idea to life within a coaching and counselling context. It has been an absolute pleasure to write with Katherine and I have learned an awful lot about good thinking from modelling her.

Robert Dilts

Robert is a pioneer in the practice of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and with Judy DeLozier created the huge volume, "The Encyclopedia of NLP". Robert is one of the most prolific writers and developers within NLP and writing the NLP Chapter in the 4th edition of "The Complete Handbook of Coaching" was an absolute dream. What did I get out of this project? In modelling Robert I was struck about how practical he is. He makes work practical, he makes work easy, and because he is so, so good at matching and creating rapport, you don't even realise you are co-authoring. You just are and as Robert said to me at the end of our chapter, "I think the chapter has both of our voices in there". In reading it over again, I could only agree and believe it was a better chapter than one which I could have written by myself. You can see what Robert gets up to here at the NLP University.


Dr Lucas Derks, Dr Lisa de Rijk & Jaap Hollander

Writing with these 3 was so much fun, different people, with different gifts, different energy, and different personalities. What we all had in common was we wanted to explore what NLP is and could be within the peer reviewed literature. Jaap and Lucas collected the data when I was present with them, discussing ideas at our stay in Alicante, Spain. This was when we were meeting with the the NLP Leadership Summit, to discuss the future of NLP and how we can associate even more effectively. Lisa was responsible for writing it up in "The International Coaching Psychology Review".What did I get from modelling these 3 and from this project? It was an extension of what I learned with Robert; we are all better together than apart. Yes, it can be challenging when we work with people who are very different from us, however if we can see past that difference and rise above it, we can see differing instruments in a wonderful orchestra. A part of a bigger whole, tied together with a common purpose and vision.


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